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Keeping It Ebony 100%

135 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Boston, MA 02119, USA

Description of Ebony 100 Directory and Events

Ebony 100 Directory is a niche B2B and B2C online digital directory website and event service business primarily for Black businesses and businesses of color.  Our name is a metaphor that represents the level, practice and purpose all businesses in our directory look to achieve in their everyday practice and offerings and in their service to the consumers they serve.

Ebony 100 is about keeping our Black and Brown businesses reaching for 100% in quality, service, advertising, marketing, and exposure.  Collaborating, leveraging and positioning Black businesses to achieve fulfilling consumer engagement and product service demand. We guarantee our directory will open the door for more opportunities for Black business members and not just talk.  We are the “do directory” and we are Ebony 100%.

This directory is positioned to take Black businesses into the technological future. Helping to solve the problems associated with consumer needs, the digital divide, employment in our communities, lost business opportunities and ways to sustainability for our businesses is our passion. Problems that affect the bottom line for Black businesses today must be solved together as collaborative partners and supporters of the need for each business. 

In a household study “The Color of Wealth” Blacks in Boston had $8 in the bank compared to whites with $250,000 in the bank reveled evidence that Black families and Black businesses must catch up or be forever left behind.  Black businesses must create systems that support sustainability.  We must seek and create opportunities in our businesses to make money, to exchange money with each other and support each other as well!  We must create a circle of sustainability keeping our selves and each other relevant and standing strong and trust “Our circle be unbroken?”

Marie Firmin, President and Founder of Ebony 100 Directory and Events Services started her business career while teaching entrepreneurship in public vocational school. Her first business was a part time child development consultant business.  After leaving the school system where she taught Entrepreneurship Training to high school students Marie embarked upon her own businesses ventures giving her new perspectives in training entrepreneurs.  She authored her own Curriculum call the Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship Practicum (EAP) Training. 

 Marie also, started her own property management company working in the condo rental industry.  Her transition into real estate and property development came after 5 years.    Then Marie realized after experiencing foreclosures in her personal and professional life that the answer to financial sustainability for black families was creating capital.  Focused on Innovation Marie joined a team of innovators to create a seller finance home ownership Club for ordinary people.  She believed then as she does now that Black

135 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Boston, MA 02119, USA

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