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Authors Spotlight Series, Episode 1, Series 1

Live Readings and conversations with authors, Ashley Bennett, Vanessa Dunn, Haywood Fennell Sr. and Willie Wideman-Pleasants. Join Us!

About this Event

Ashley M. Bennett is an empowering speaker, visual artist, and now a three-time #1 Amazon bestselling author. Her publications include Not Easily BrokenTurning Hidden Shame into Distant Memories, Six Years and Counting: A Journey of Celibacy While Waiting for Marriage, and her most recent book, Layers and Levels: The Freedom of Forgiveness. These books focus on the effects of sexual abuse, the importance of seeking professional help, discovery of self-love, and forgiving while healing.

Vanessa Dunn has a true love for creating and reading stories, author of SEBASTIAN the in between. She especially loves the scary ones. She is an adult that has a preference for Young Adults (YA) novels, but really just loves to read. She loves how her favorite authors are able to place words on a page, and have it play like a movie in her mind. She hopes to be able to do the same with her present and future novels. Vanessa is originally from Boston, MA, but now lives in San Antonio, TX with her husband and three children. She prays that you all will love this story more than she does.

Haywood Fennell Sr. After almost 25 years of clean living and not using anything including smoking cigarettes my life now revolves around using my GOD loaned talents writing, plays, children books, alternative education programs for youth and most recently, I am proud to tell you about "This Man, Thoughts About Our Times," a book of poetry and prose that reflect eight years of late night and early morning writing of thoughts. "

Willie Wideman-Pleasants, Author, Poet, Producer, Director, Speaker, and Cable show host. She is an author of three books, Ain’t That the Truth, Make Truth a Habit and Stretching the Truth (e-book) which are comprised of inspiring and thought-provoking short stories and poems which she uses to bring awareness to the importance of literacy. Willie and her sister facilitated a five-week writer’s program to helped 25 authors tell their stories in an anthology called Write On! Write On! She is one of the Co-founders of an author’s support group, “Authors without Borders.”

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