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One person in every household trained in entrepreneurship

One person in every household trained in entrepreneurship

EAP-Training Academy



"One person in every low and moderate income household trained with the skills of an entrepreneur." 

Marie Firmin, CEO 

Entrepreneurship is an elusive concept to totally concieve. Some define it as small business owners or just self-employed. Innovation or process or products and services that are substantially different command growth orientated businesses to organize around them. EAP-training lays the study as the foundation and the fundamentals of an entrepreneur and allows the learner to build a platform for their soul interest as an entrepreneur. One who sells her unique products and services whether new or old to the consumer.


Throughout the human existence and in the spirit of freedom, adventure, self-reliance, and commitment to values of unity, self-determination, collected work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity/invention, and faith and hope the entrepreneur has existed as a stable employment alternative. In the African and African American history before enslavement during enslavement, and after enslavement entrepreneurs contributed greatly to the America’s family, communities, statewide, nationwide and world economies.  


Entrepreneurs have existed since the beginning of time. 

Trading resources, inventing new products and services countering the lack of employment and economic opportunity and causing development and growth for so many in the African American experience.



BlackBiz Development Group LLC and Black Biz Dev Inc. believe that one person in every low- and moderate-income person should be trained in the skills of an entrepreneur for self- employment and employment and to be a productive part of society.     Marie Firmin, CEO

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