Detailed customs Report of Sri Lanka Import
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Detailed customs Report of Sri Lanka Import

Currently, Sri Lanka is known as the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka. It is Basically an island nation in South Asia. It comes under the Indian continent and is bordered by the Bay of Bengal in the southwest and the Arabian Sea in the southeast.

Based on the  Sri lanka Import Data, Sri Lankan Economy is on 66th rank in the world with the largest GDP Value.  

According to the most recent Srilanka Custom Data, Sri Lanka has, at last, climbed to 88th place among economies with the highest purchase power parity (PPP).

In this blog, we will show you the details of Srilankan Import in which we are giving the top import products list, the top trading partners list, and import port details

Top 5 import products of Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is an underdeveloped country and they are trying to build its economic value and doing lots of import just to sustain itself in the list of top importers in the world. 

As per the Import data of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is leading the 82nd rank in the world as the largest importer that is generating a total worth of $17.95 Billion US Dollars in the year 2021. 

The Sri Lankan economy is in the growing stage and just to be stable in the international trade market they are doing lots of import-export and trying to grow their economy. 

So as of now, we are come up with the top import products list of Sri Lanka with their total generated value, or overall percentage - 

  • A walkie-talkie - $442 Million - (2.47%)

  • Medicaments - $419 Million - (2.33%),

  • Vaccines human medicine - $413 Million - (2.3%),

  • Knitted or Crocheted Fabrics - $384 Million - (2.14%),

  • Milk & Cream in Solid Forms - $309 Million - (1.73%).

Top 5 import Trading Partners of Sri Lanka 

As we see above that Sri Lanka comes in an underdeveloped nation still they manage to stand on the 66th rank in the economic list which shows that they are good at building relationships with other nations 

If we talk about the import value then in 2021 Sri Lanka has imported goods worth more than $17.9 Billion US Dollars and help their own country to grow in the import market. 

We prepare a list of Importers who are continuously importing goods & services into Sri Lanka and making a remarkable amount of money. 

In the below list, we will show you the import trading partners' names, total generated value, and overall percentage - 


  • China - $4.24 Billion - (23.62%)

  • India - $4.02 Billion - (22.43%)

  • Singapore - $0.97 Billion - (5.45%)

  • Hong Kong - $0.79 Billion - (4.43%)

  • United Arab Emirates - $0.68 Billion - (3.82%)

Conclusion  - in this article, we will give you enough details about the Import sector of Sri Lanka. In the form of details, we provide you with the top 5 import Products and the top 5 Import trading partners with their total USD Value and overall percentage. We are assuming that the data we provided you is enough and helpful for you to work in the import-export sector of Sri Lanka. If you still have any queries and want to learn more about the Sri Lankan import-export sector then you feel free to mail us your problem at, call us at tel:+91-9625812393, or visit our official website Exim Trade Data 

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