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Data Lineage Management and Data Lineage Tools

Data Lineage Management and Data Lineage Tools

The enterprise data is so much valuable. But the flow of data from the origin to the destination cannot be managed properly because they are managed using different technologies and methods. So the enterprise implements data lineage management which can provide a powerful tool like inspecting data, viewing data, or can check the flow of data from its source to its destination. If any data mismatch happens, the user can easily retrieve the odd data and its pathway to its source by visualized inspection. With the Help of Global ids data lineage tools, an enterprise can run automated data lineage to manage the set of data movements. The data lineage represents all the details of direct and indirect relationships between different entities.

What is Data Lineage?


 Data lineage represents the life cycle of data. The main objective of data lineage is to view the complete data flow from its source to where the data gets consumed. In a large organization or for an individual business user where migration is needed often, it is quite difficult to track all the data records and data supply chains. With the help of the enterprise data lineage system, the rationalization and alignment of these processes become easier and well manageable.

Global IDs Data Lineage Management:


Global ids Data Lineage Management is not about the data movement it also keeps records of the transformation of data that happens while the data moves or is migrated. These transformations often get unnoticed and it becomes much difficult to find the pathway and the source of the data. Our active metadata lineage tool provides hidden insights into the relevant data that helps the productivity and growth opportunity of the organization. Global ids data governance lineage scales the data and manages the automation of data into an organization. With advanced algorithms and logical operations, automatic identifications of critical data are possible at a very less cost.

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