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Posted 07/04/2021 in Category 1 by Paula Coar

Trip to Senegal 2021-2022

Trip to Senegal 2021-2022

Peace, Love and Hotep, Nanga Def

My name is Paula Coar-Gueye,


  • My Husband and I organize Tours to Senegal, West Africa!

We will be there from October 2021 to May 1, 2022, 

You can come anytime during that time!  

Just give up a heads up!  It's a A 7.5 HOUR RIDE FROM AMERICA TO Senegal, depending on Airline 

You have to buy your own ticket!

 and the Touring cost of $1250  

It is with great excitement and pleasure we will be bringing our people to Senegal in December 2020, February (school vacation), and April (school vacation) 2021!  My husband, my family, and I are delighted to bring our people to this beautiful, culturally rich country in Africa!  We will be there from October 2021 to May 2022!   Come when you can!  

Here is a copy of our brochure for those 3 months!   It is pretty busy schedule so plan on having an amazing experience, during the 8 to 10 days we are in Africa!  


Have you ever gone to Africa with someone who has been there well over 25 times and has a house there where we can chill?   Well that’s me!   Have you ever gone to Africa where you truly hang with the people and learn the rich culture and language of that people, eat the food, party with, travel with, and feel like it is home!?  Well that is Senegal and how we roll in Senegal!   There are plenty of trips out there now, but when you are with us, you are not a tourist, you are family, you are home!  

The Senegalese hang out with us, cook for us, eat with us, dance with us, party with us, embrace us, and hope that we decide one day to live there and bring our skills there!   We in turn learn so much culture, we are enthralled almost everyday.  We visit families, visit schools, go to fascinating museums, and performances, ride animals, chill on the beach, learn about salt mining, herbal medicines, natural resources, for our well being along with beauty enhancements, and so much more!   We also get a chance to see how the Senegalese honor a Black man and his mother in an African/muslim style!   Culture first is the model!!    

We get a chance to tour with my husband , Cheikhou Gueye  (we call him Pape)  or English speaking guides, who know everything about their country and shares with us so much we become so in love with his peaceful country, we don’t want to leave !


For some of us, our minds start thinking about what we can do in Africa to stay there, and there is no better place to stay than Senegal particularly Saly, where our house is!   It has all the amenities, like pharmacies, grocery stores, markets everywhere, artists everywhere, jewelers, leather makers,  fashion, fashion, fashion, lots of entertainment!  It’s a tourist city so, you have all the accommodations, plus you get to be around villages to meet with the wonderful hospitable people, schools, and peaceful living! We also bought land to in which we intend to farm, build Condos to sell!   We already have 2 wells built along with a security house!  Geering to do some real business on that land!   


Well let me take you on a little tour, and show you what our usual itinerary, looks like, although it is subject to change, in case you make a special request, like stay on Goree Island for 2 days, or go up to St. Louis for a jazz show, or see a late night concert using traditional African Instruments from the Mali Empire, or a concert by Senegal’s well known artists like Youssou n Dor, or Baba Mal, or take some dance classes, or visit or just jump out a car to see a wedding ceremony or birth ceremony, etc!   I’ve done it all!   I am blessed to be able to share with you just this post!   Now I need you to come and see for yourself how Senegal is a wonderful Country with peaceful, busy people!!        


Organized Trips to Senegal, West Africa Dates:  

December 18th to December 26th  


 February 19th to February 26th


 April 16h to April 23th  School Vacations

8 days 7 nights

(take off the Thursday before you leave if possible for weather conditions, etc)


An Experience of a Life Time 

In Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Homesteading  


African Renaissance Monument in Senegal



The tour costs $1250 for 8 days 7 nights, you buy your own ticket, we will meet you there!  The earlier you get your ticket the better!   Great sales occur particularly for February!! The airport is 30 mins away, we or an escort will meet you there!  All proper arrangements will be made well ahead of time!  There are several airlines that go to Senegal!   



  The $1250  includes 8 days 7 nights,  comfortable accommodations in Saly, Senegal ,

Also includes a Modern Air Conditioned Van or Bus, Breakfast. And late dinner!


Pink Lake


Day 1 – Saturday Arrive in the am!  head to Saly, where our house is, unpack, hang out on Obama Beach, for lunch and dinner and relax!  Visit some landmarks, like the NBA training center, and Soccer team training center in Saly , and a Museum right up the street from our house!  Get measured for white clothes and Bi-fall clothes at the market!  (not mandatory)    Go home, and look at movie, rest.


Day 2, Sunday,  Go to Toubab Jolal, eat on the beach, visit Pape’s uncle in Yenne in the village!  Eat dinner and have drumming and dance classes!      


Day 3 -  Monday, We will visit a school in Saly,  Go to the Pink Lake.  Do some touring of the Pink Salt lake, ride camels, horses, Dume buggies! And receive a tour about salt  mining!


 Day 4- Tuesday, We will go on a Safari where we will see all types of animals from Africa.   After, we will go on a Boat Ride on a Lagoon, have lunch there, then on to Obama Beach for dinner, dancing, and music!


 Day 5– Wednesday, - We will head to Dakar, go to the fish market for lunch, visit various sites in Dakar,  the University of Cheikh Anta Diop, the white house, the African Renaissance monument, The Museum of Black Civilizations, and  shop with the Mali women near the new train station.  ( Brother Diop, a Brilliant Scholar, scientist, an anthropologist, a linguist, a chemist, author, who was first to physically declare that the Ancient Afrakans were Black, using his Carbon 14 tests on mummies!   He also wrote books on our human origins!  He also visited Morehouse University, and sat with our main Historians, and taught them what they needed to know about his African Discoveries!   Noted for his books, “African Origins of Civilization”, “Civilization or Babarianism”, and “Pre-Colonial Black Africa”)  We will shop in Dakar as well if we have time!   

  Day 6 - Thursday   We have an option of going to Touba, or on a "Walk with the Lions" tour!    Touba is a 2.5 hour ride one way!   Women are required to be covered!   Men to wear bi-fall or African clothes!   This trip will give you the history of the most famous man in Senegal, Amadou Bamba, along with his companion Ibrahim Fall and mother Mame Diarra!  This is a very peaceful town, with a lot to learn about these great people! 

 Friday -Day 7-  Head to Goree Island where we will spend the rest of the day!  There we will wear white, and tour, then have a ceremony to our Ancestors, as the last location they were held before being loaded on ships and brought to the Americas and Islands.  We will eat there, and spend the rest of the day and head back to Saly that evening!    

 Day 8–  Saturday- We will Do some more touring and shopping in Saly!      Eat a late Dinner at Obama Beach if we have time and head to the airport on Saturday and/or  Sunday (depending on your departure time)      



Added Costs 

Shots and Malaria Pills (depends on insurance)

$10 for tour guides

$5 to $15 for entry fees per day, $25 for the Safari, and riding the Dune Buggies at the Pink Lake,  and $15 for Goree (as of 2020), will let you know with the "Walk with the Lions" tour 

 Other Costs 

*Concerts $10

*Transportation and Escort to travel around Senegal w/o group 

*Dance and Music Classes $10 per class

Latecomers, after purchasing plane ticket, may have to pay more ($50-350) for their plane tickets.

Also, after the plane ticket is purchased, if one decides to leave earlier or later than the group,  Airlines will charge cost $350 extra.  You will need to make arrangements with them.   Extra suitcases are $250 each, you are allowed 2 23 pound suite cases, a pocketbook and a carry on most airlines. 


For more information, please email Paula Coar-Gueye, or email her at Paulad574@gmail.com, or Marie Firmin at  mfirmin213@gmail.com President of Ebony100.com


Although I don’t anticipate, all costs are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances.




 Payment Plan!   The days that you stay with us is prorated at $100 per day!! 

December Trip Payment Plan,  Trip dates:  12/18 to 12/26. (at least 12 Airlines travel to Senegal) Tickets should range between $1400 and $2000.

If you are going in December, you should get your tickets, now, no later than the end of September for the best prices!  It is considered Holiday  Travel Season.  Much more expensive to travel so the earlier you get it the better!    The Payment plan to pay us will be November 1st, $600 and December 1st $650.   Some of you may want to stay in Senegal longer than the average 8 day time frame.  If that is the case, please let me know. We will add an additional daily fee of  $100 or you may want to come later than the 20th and stay til a early January!   Just let us know, we are flexible!!!    

February Trip Payment plan.  Dates:  2/14 to 2/23.  Tickets should range between $900 and $1500

Get your   ticket in October  or November, look for sales!    The payment plan is $600, December 15th, $650 January 15th.  



April Trip Payment Plan Dates: 4/17 to 4/26  (tickets should range b/w $1200 and $1500)


This is considered another travel season time, so you should get your tickets as early as possible.   January and February, you should be looking up flights!   The payment plan is $600 On March 1st and $650 on April 1st!   

How to Pay for the trip!   Paypal is preferable, however, Bank Check, Money Order.  Make check or money order out to Paula Coar .   Mail it to me at Paula Coar-Gueye, 135 Martin Luther King Blvd, Boston, Mass 02119!  I will email and mail you a receipt.    You are also welcome to stop by!    You can reach me at 617-959-0795!    I am home most evenings!  Please call if you have any questions!!!   



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