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Posted 01/15/2022 in Category 1

On Martin Luther King and Ebony100.com

On Martin Luther King and Ebony100.com

There was a time where Martin Luther King Jr. called for the boycott of companies like COCA COLA, Wonder Bread and others.  Listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkmJcCGfuzo


These companies made improvement to keep Black dollars.  I believe Martin Luther King and Leaders back then would have embraced the thousands of directories of Black Businesses today as a way of helping us to help each other.


Ebony100.com, a digital Advertising and Marketing tool has 15 categories and 1500+ subcategories so Black businesses and leaders, businesses employing and servicing Black people can be found. If your wonderful business fits one of our categories join us today.  We would love to have you and give you a webpage were you can put information daily or monthly about your business  and what you are offering. Then link to your Social Media networks the same information.  Our business categories are:   

  1. Arts and Entertainment
  2. Automotive
  3. Education
  4. Food and Dining
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Home Services Construction
  7. Hotel and Travel
  8. Legal Services
  9. Medical Services
  10. Night Life
  11. Pet Services
  12. Professional services
  13. Public Services
  14. Shopping
  15. Things to do

Listing is free if you fill in all information.

Digital services with your listing is 10-30 monthly

Sponsor/Supporter $500 up


Looking to hire side-huslers for 30-50% of sales  

BlackBizBall event can be included

No ayment on free listings. 

Call Marie at 617-803-0937 or email