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Madagascar, Africa's Cure For COVID

Madagascar, Africa's Cure For COVID

A supporter of from Madagascar says COVID has developed a natural remedy that is assuring hope and I believe, o casualties for many in Africa. She says the powers at be in the world have been trying to taint the remedy her country knows is curing the virus.  Here is snippet of an article from the Times Magazine

"The launch of Covid-Organics (CVO for short) in Madagascar last month was no different. Within days, multiple African nations, as well as Haiti, were asking about shipments. And while CVO is not yet available for export, Rajoelina acquiesced by sending samples for free. The promotion of an untested cure sparked consternationamong the medical community in Africa, and provoked an unusually sharp rebuke from the WHO, which noted in a statement on May 4 that, “Caution must be taken against misinformation, especially on social media, about the effectiveness of certain remedies. Many plants and substances are being proposed without the minimum requirements and evidence of quality, safety and efficacy.” The use of such untested products, it continued, “can put people in danger, giving a false sense of security and distracting them from hand washing and physical distancing which are cardinal in COVID-19 prevention.” 

What if Africa has the cure?  Come on Businesses we would have to take the lead in getting it here because you know few care we are 33!/3 percent of the casualties of this war. 

We made need to prepare to get some of this remedy almost 100,000 peopler enough?  Black Businesses and others may need to insist we take the lead in finding more out about thismremedy rather than loose more people!  Anyone who is interested in more conversation let me know?   Join the directory today!