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Join our Gold VIP Class of Businesses

Join our Gold VIP Class of Businesses

Ebony100 Directory Services is honored to have our Gold VIP members represented in the directory.  Not because these businesses are revered but because they believe that Ebony100 Directory is positioned to take Black Businesses into the technological/digital future. Helping to solve the digital divide, employment in our communities, lost business opportunities and ways to sustainability for our businesses is our passion. Problems that the Black businesses experience stigmatize our bottom line.  Ebony100 allows us to solve our individual and our collective problems together.  Our platform is an answer to viewing and developing Black Business Leadership for us all.  In Ebony 100 the Gold VIP leads the way!  Be a Gold VIP Leader? 


1. Gold VIP:  Marie Firmin  Ebony 100   business Directory Events, Training and Consulting

On-line Profile Directory for Black Businesses.  

On-line Entrepreneurship and Career Development Class for Staff Development, Career Development and Entrepreneurship.   Ebony 100 will expose your brand and get you customers from listed businesses and from organic traffic. 

2. Gold VIP:  Barry Gaither <>,  

National Center of Afro-American Artists Museum                                         

African American Artist Displays and Openings, Historical Tours, Art Openings and Displays, Historical and Artistic presentations  $5.00 donation to tour the museum, Many events including Black Nativity, Juneteenth, Big Head Community Festival! Donations please!

3. Gold VIP:    David Lee, Stlll and Lee <>,  

Plan your home development or community development with the best architects ever? Architectural Services Commercial Projects Primarily.  

4. Gold VIP: Commonwealth Mental Health and Wellness Leah <>,  

 Mental Health Counseling        Play Performances

Need therapy or want to refer to therapy? Children and adults, schools, community programs.        

5. Gold VIP   Dr. Valerie Robinson,  Roxbury Community College

College Education Programs, Community Engagement programs for small businesses and Training

Educational programs, college classes and tons of community engagement 

6. Gold VIP:

 Karibu Cottages    Malibu, Jamaica   

Vacation Resort in Jamaica-             Author/Play Write!

Planning a quick run to the Karibu Cottages in Jamaica? Interested?  This Winter!  

7. Gold VIP: Richard Phipps:  CFS Realty and Financial Services  

Financial Literacy Training               Real Estate

Credit Repair is a reality with CFS?  Millionaire Program!  Home Ownership Today! 

8. Gold VIP: A. Forrest , Davis Leadership Academy


Middle School Education based on an African Foundation! One of a kind education empowering students to the stars. 

High Academic achievement and performance!   

Enroll your Middle School Children.