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Posted 04/13/2023 in Category 1

"I have never heard my own voice before"

In class EAP-trainees, ninth and tenth grade students, are studying pitching, viewing, and analyzing, videos of pitches, defining and describing pitches, discussing, and reading pitches.  Then, each learner gave a tape-recorded pitch when someone shouted out "Wow, I have never heard my voice before on tape. This is cool!"    

Really, teachers of preschool, elementary school and high school let's get creative in incorporated the tape recorders as a creative tool in helping students learn.  In EAP class we have used magic markers, video, photos, art, digital-technology, stories, reality-based conversations and lectures, food, speakers, personal touch (teaching shaking hands) hugs and love. Soon we plan to use dramatic play.  Trainees are covering the modules in the foundations and fundamentals of entrepreneurship and engaging in an unfamiliar study with technical concepts.  Creativity softens the blow!  

If you are a trainer, take study curriculum in early child development and incorporate creativity in your courses programs, schools, community programs, and advanced learning courses.  Let's get creative.  Learning should have some fun and be as diverse as the learners we are trying to reach!   

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