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Posted 08/02/2020 in Category 1 by Paula Coar

Homeschooling Black Children

Homeschooling Black Children

Corona has devastated us, but has also given us an opportunity to evaluate why we hate ourselves and why our children are so suicidal and murderous! Just think if you have to stay home with your children, you can give them the Black/African history that normally would be skirted over and lied about by their white, and mis-educated Black teachers and society in general! Take advantage! Get Black History books, and websites, teach them the value of science, math, coding, our glorious history, how to be entrepreneurs,  by letting them do crafts, sewing, making all types of things to sell, visit gardens, teach them how to eat to live!  Check out my Sister's EAP Entreprenuer Education Website at Ebony100.net!   Take them on vicarious adventures on Youtube to the Islands and their Motherland! Take them to Ancient Africa, villages across Africa, websites that show us successful! We are their first teachers! Our Martyrs who have passed with this horrible disease, will live and not die in vain, if we carry on a legacy of self love, independence, self knowledge, business ownership,  and demanding reparations for our future generations! Always remember, when one door closes the other one opens! Use that opening door to unlearn what you have learned, to learn what has been kept away from you purposely so that you would not grow into the Gods and Goddesses you truly are! "It is in we" Let our Ancestors be proud!!!

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