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Happy Black History Month with Ebony 100

Happy Black History Month with Ebony 100

Every Great Business has Strong Principles


Ebony100 Directory's Cultural Connection to the 7 Principles 




Ebony100 unifies Black entrepreneurs, businesses owners, consultants, entertainers and professionals in all industries under one website to be found by each other and all of the general public.


Kugichakalia -Self-determination   


Ebony100 recognizes and celebrates the self-determination of its members through offering the best digital website that truly exposes members personal and professional brand no matter their position in the business world. 


Umoja-Collective Work and Responsibility   


Ebony100 encourages group support on projects, campaigns, identifying resources and other support a business may need.  Several member businesses sign a support letter for another business to build a new building and give new contract opportunities to member businesses. 


Ujamaa-Cooperative Economics


Ebony100  is the beginning of developing economic empowerment for black Businesses. Businesses may choose other projects to participate in to build with member business opportunities for developing capital.  Home investors club,  Motherland Project, Contractual services,  corporate contract opportunities. May our circle be unbroken as we support each other in reaching our goals and dreams. 




Ebony100 has member businesses that understand the purpose of their business or entrepreneurship journey must be demonstrated through the products or service they offer when members blog, posts, articles, presentation, photos, videos and sharing of those activities with social media and the world through each member individual web page.  




Ebony100 encourages creativity and innovation. Everything is not about developing capital but developing a legacy that our children and youth can recognize and respect as a problem solver.   




Ebony 100 sees faith not just one religion but a multifaceted set of beliefs that are steeped in spirit, love and support for each other. 


Join us in practicing these principles as members of Ebony100 Directory! Join Today!