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Go for the SBA Loan Disaster Program

Go for the SBA Loan Disaster Program

Dear Members and Non-Members:

This epidemic is so serious our businesses may miss important information. I wanted you to get a heads-up on the SBA disaster Loan Program. Every business is eligible for up to 2 million in loans. Qualifications do include credit check and a lot of information to discourage you from applying! But do not give up! Go for it!  Sit the money in your bank account and figure out a way your business can use it and pay it back after one year.  

Everyone of you are eligible  Profit, non-profit, home business, brick and mortar.  


SBA Application Process


Good Credit is important but apply anyway. Under 600 may be difficult but try any way.  


Open this video to go over the process and the paper work!

Please take the time to Join Directory services. If you are a member take the time to upgrade and give your viewers several ways to connect to your business through your professional photo and logo, link to your website, video, blogs, events, photos, classified listings and more.  With over 5000 members in the directory soon to be categorized you must shine to attract your customers online.  How?  Send a short blog with a wise information, post a video, post and event, post your product and send it out to social media with one click. 

Together we will rise divided we will fall!

Marie Firmin, President