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Denied an SBA EIDL Disaster Loan? Reconsideration Help

Denied an SBA EIDL Disaster Loan?  Reconsideration Help

If you have applied for an EIDL Disaster Loan and/or were INVITED to apply for an EIDL Loan Increase by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and were denied a disaster loan we need to help each other.  To make the process of getting assistance easier we have done some things for you.  We collectively must contact our representatives in the House and Senate and use the SBA reconsideration process immediately.   

We are contacting your House and Senate Representatives because we know that the 4506-T IRS Tax Transcripts are not available due to a backlog.  We need the House to amend the legislation in the American Rescue Act of 2021 to waive the requirement of the 4506-T IRS documents before the loan can be processed and funded and extend that requirement for 6 months from the date of funding.  

If it sounds complicated, don’t give up.  Fight for what is yours.  We have a plan and it is to take two approaches:

  1.  We have crafted a letter for you to forward to your Congressional Representatives and United States Senators.  

  1. Start the reconsideration process with the SBA. In order to do that, you must start your “reconsideration process by gathering all your documents that show you are a legitimate business by doing the following: 

  • Your EIN/SS

  • Your correct address

  • SBA EIDL Application, located on your SBA Correspondence or Portal

  • Write a statement as to what you think may have caused the “Unverifiable Information” like:  

    • a change of address or anything that may have changed since your first application or; 

    • a change in your banking information;

    • a change in the name of your business

  • If you have a screenshot of your portal with the loan increase information send that. 

  • If you got a denial email there should be an email address to make your reconsideration request or use the SBA disastercustomerservice@sba.gov Do it immediately. 

The letter for your Congressional Representatives and Senators is attached to this email. Fill in the blanks and sign and send them to your constituent services office.  You can get that information by searching Congress.gov.

In the spirit of Cooperative Economics let’s help each other through these very difficult times. 

The attached pdf document is what you need to send to Congress. You have two ways to send this: 

  1.  Print it,fill it out and sign it and scan it back in and send it by email or snail mail. 

  1. Use a pdf filler software like PDFFiller at https://www.pdffiller.com/ to upload, complete and sign it electronically and then save it and send it by email or snail mail. The link to the document to send is below. 

  2. Link to the letter for Congress:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jBwHjnuOZ2p6Q7rzvUKlVufzvOwUPkmG/view?usp=sharing

Good Luck! Now go get this money!

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