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Posted 07/18/2020 in Category 1

"Darker than Blue" Movie Team


I am looking to build a dedicated team for my movie? 

"DarkerThan Blue" is a movie coming down the pike for Ebony100.com. Plans to make an              animated film are in the works. The movie treatment and deck are done. We are preparing for a major Kickstarter and looking for business minded people, youth, and ordinary people to join our team to see the movie to fruition. 

The movie is about a Boston Public School student in the eighties who finds her true purpose with the help of 3 queens. Her innovative cultural resonant entrepreneurship teacher, her southern grandmother defendant of Enslaved Africans in the south and her ancestor, Queen Mekada, a great queen of the ancient Nubian world who comes into to her life to guide her trough difficult times. Scenes from the streets and from the magnificence of Ancient Nubian culture will be on the line of Avatar and Black Panther.  

Darker than Blue is the name of the famous Curtis Mayfield's song about being Black and Black-skinned.  

Email me if you are interested.