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BlackBizBall 2023 is Coming Soon!
Posted 04/10/2023 in Category 1

Bringing Our Most Vulnerable Youth To The Mix!

Bringing Our Most Vulnerable Youth To The Mix!

Black Biz Dev Inc., EAP-Training Academy is training our "Youth Apprentices" to contact Black and Brown businesses, leaders, and professionals to take a subscription to Ebony100 digital, interactive, directory.  Businesses will enjoy 20+ features to use for the marketing and advertising of you, the professional and your products and services 

What do "Youth Apprentices" get? Education/training and experience in marketing and advertising.  50% of all entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals that purchase a subscription for your business also get to give youth confidence, pride, self-employment or employment experience and skills.   

What do "Businesses and Professional" that join" the directory get?  We offer, a listing that supports daily, monthly and weekly social media engagement. Templates for using a variety of content you can develop or transfer and send out!  Recycling of dollars, giving our businesses a service and youth confidence, skills and hope in the future.  Directory festures include on your personalized DASHBOARD with templates to create content and post in this list of features.    

  • List your company in 18 ctegories and 1500 subs
  • How it works
  • Password retrieval 
  • Post community article 
  • Website blog article 
  • Post SoundCloud
  • Post event 
  • Post classified 
  • Post coupon 
  • Post job listing 
  • Post photo album 
  • Post product 
  • Post property 
  • Post video 
  • Browse categories
  • Subcategories 1500+
  • Browse locations
  • Contact details 
  • Profile photo 
  • Front page features 
  • Social media links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 
  • QR code  
  • Maps 
  • Businesses 13,000 around the world. 
  • Access to business searches Communication with businesses in the directory
  • Interactive ability to use ability to use every hour, every day, every week, every month.