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BlackBizBall 2023 is Coming Soon!
Posted 11/08/2022 in Category 1

BlackBizBall 2022 Testimony

BlackBizBall 2022 Testimony

What a nice thing to say about BlackBizBall Event held in May of 2022, this year's event.


"I was honored to attend the BBB 2022 Hosted by The Indomitable Ms. Marie Firmin.

It was an evening saturated with talent, graceful activism, and respectful conversations.

This attendee was filled with not just “hope” for the future, but a sense of community that encompassed a commitment to a oneness of purpose and certainty of the success to come." -Victoria Nyandawo Msumba, Rockport’s Best

Come to BlackBizBall 2023.  

All of us would love to have you!

Sponsorship Packages are available now.

VIP, Tickets, Tables  TBA.    

BlackBizBall.com for updated information

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